The quality of being honest.

Free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

A girl across the lab was talking a much quieter girl’s ear off about honesty. She complained about how people always lie to each other, so her honesty should be a breath of fresh air not regarded as mean or hurtful. But there is a gap between honesty and spewing out everything that is on your mind, there is a difference between constructive criticism and criticizing someone’s world construction whether it’s their clothes, their walk, their talk. There is such thing as tact and taste that come with truth to make it meaningful, to make it a breath of fresh air, a new way of thinking. To throw insults disguised as truth-telling is worse than a superficial lie, that righteous air won’t make one care about the actuality but the reality of your loose tongue and mean words will stick in a hurtful way. Even if you are sincere as sin about an opinion you have of the house they live in, the group they chill with, the profession they’ve chosen; your earnestness is covered in callousness if you don’t think first what that might do to them. Even if change comes from that spring of bitter truth, it’s tainted by the lack of sympathy and empathy in such blatant, barefaced “honesty.”

Truth may be fresh air but it doesn’t always flow pleasantly into our body cavities: often it’s cold and sharp, some times muddled by moisture, and fresh air can’t come from another one’s lungs.

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