Beauty in Bargains, Happiness in Hands

Society has ruined our enjoyment of life
Declaring that fun requires money
If it’s not “the best”, it’s not worth it

Unless you consciously avoid the whispers
The twice-loud volume of commercials
And recall billionaires aren’t the happiest people

Disney theme-park vacations aren’t guaranteed
To be better than pitching tents or baseballs
Wandering in woodlands or down rivers

Not to say you don’t need some money
But the music reaches to row one hundred
For a fraction of the price of row one

First class sounds nice, but I’m content in coach
Daily luxury is, by definition, an un-necessity
It’s sweeter when you can afford a rare splurge

One doesn’t need manicures to hold a hand
Two laying in bed don’t count the threads
Wine’s price is no attestation to taste

Even buying medicines has connotations
Most time name-brand is dolled-up generics
Either will alleviate your ailments

Perhaps its because I’m twenty-something
Thrifting through graduate school
But I’m proud of my frugality

I’m excited for leftovers of my favorite meals
Proud I walked my boots down to the sole
Have a looks-new shirt that’s eight years old

My best adventures never broke bank
A shared meal didn’t cheapen the date
I tell you the beauty is in the bargain

Sunshine outside, laughter from bellies
So why listen to the voices on the television?
And shop at the mall for our fun?

Creative Commons License
This work by Sarah Holmes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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