I want this graph, stat!

As I type in commands to a statistical computer program I like to pretend I’m something like a hacker only because I just finished reading a book with a badass female hacker. But my skills are subpar- make that like ten sub’s to the par- to this fictional character as I struggle to remember the basic command to make the points on my graph have fully filled-in color. I even search for this incorrectly, typing in “R Studio demands”, which makes me giggle a little as it reflects my stressed state when attempting to create graphs based on the phrases of words and numbers I type in. When it works I feel happy with that productive feeling of having a positive output from the input my fingers entered. If only this was the norm of those hours sitting in front a computer screen racking my brain, doing the typing dance, and getting “warning” and “error” in response. Perhaps I’ll take a class again or put on calming music as I learn to read blogs and non-intuitive PDFs claiming that they’re basic and introductory. I think I just lost the patience I had- well, never have I had the patience for math. I have patience for reading a book about hackers where the first 40% is rather tedious set-up, but not enough patience to figure out how to get the one phrase I need in order to get that perfect graph.

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