Paid Volunteer

I hear the scoffs through Op-Eds and television
Saying “paid volunteer” with a tone of derision
I raised my hand to speak out against this
How do you think we afford our defenses?
New teachers in under-resourced schools?
Contracts sign, all under strict rules
No free for all with government coffers
But completely unpaid some would prefer
Would you know I helped build ten bridges?
With other jobless students just out of college
Experience gained for mere pennies a day
To maintain basic human functionality
It’s not like profit can be made
When its insurance, food, gas to be paid
While the rich may bitch and moan
As we defer our students loans
Gaining interest while exploring interests
You may presume we’re all hippy artists
Except kids are taught and food delivered
Parks, homes cleaned up, people nurtured
Those bridges you may cross cost parts
But save at only $70 a week labor
Room and board, and a little favor
Seems like more than we deserve
According to those with some reserve
Voluntary should not imply sans money
We freely enter service for our country
In defending, elevating, restoring it
So really, please, stop with this bullshit
Fulltime volunteers fully unpaid
Would we have only the wealthy babied?
Perhaps millionaire’s children
Parents thinking volunteers are burdens
Crying that we eat up your taxes
Find real information, check your facts
It’s practically a way to pay
At $2 an hour not even minimum wage
Memories made in friendships gained
Communities projects remain to sustain
But there is more to raising your hand
It’s preserving, supporting the land
It’s providing aid where needed more
It’s careers to be found via AmeriCorps
Fulltime commitment months to years
Could you give up profit to volunteer?

Creative Commons License
This work by Sarah Holmes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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