My Families

I want to keep working on this one because it doesn’t feel great to me but it feels something… I think I want to show of my different families more, just not tonight

Some claim to defend families
But they’re only defending one type
That one assemblage of people
Believed to be “true”, “best”, “right”
Two parents, their biological children
Apparently my family is legal
And “moral” and “right” and “true”
Which it is, but it’s not the only one

For what about the single parent?
The divorced parents? The remarried?
When death or circumstance have
Taken away the biological
Leaving good friends, kind strangers?
And if these are “true”, “good”, “right”
How could a couple of the same sex
Be anything less than any of these?

Even I won’t claim just two sisters
A mom and dad as my family
Because my family is bigger than that
It includes two mutts, one a stray
And the rabbit found under a bush
These are also my siblings
Because we take care of each other
And love unconditionally.

I have more family outside this home
Pseudo-adopted best friends
Who’ve taken me in as well
There was high school sports team
And literary arts society
The made-up college family tree
Filled with fake babies
And real, ridiculous bonds

My best family is hard to pinpoint
It’s usually the one playing games
Whether with those genetic relations
Or twelve friends around a table too small
I would not give up any of these families,
or my own biological parents,
But I know what I need if I were without:
People who know how to love, and laugh.

Creative Commons License
This work by Sarah Holmes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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