I started writing the first line (just rubbish poetry rhyming pass with grasp) and then I started thinking about all these different frog memories I had. I got most of them but I’m sure there is more. It’s not necessary cohesive but it was more of a writing and memory exercise.

Memories pass so hard to grasp…like a frog. And then that object becomes solid in my mind with a dozen connections I can make to it. And then each of those memories connects to the other. I see the kids up to their knees in the pond, some nearly swimming in it, as they scoop up leopard frogs and green frogs into plastic containers. They try to contain them whilst still providing them enough air to breathe and know they cannot keep them as pets when lunch and playtime are over. I remember the ballet of tree frogs in BBC’s Planet Earth as they leapt across plants and crawled over each other attempting to breed. My professor of parasitology and comparative anatomy’s lecture that led to a short snippet on how the spring peepers just cover the road leading to his house that there is no way to avoid rolling over a few. And those few frog cousins, the toads whose lives were sacrificed so biology, pre-med, and pre-vet majors could learn more about the heart and muscles. The electricity of life was made clear and shall not be forgotten. The lucky toad that found itself inside my big dog’s mouth that got away mainly from his own sneaky secretions causing him to foam. Back to the more innocent frog adventures I recall 25 cent machines with plastic balls ready to be popped open with plastic frogs. They were named all sorts of fruits and flowers and had adventures with our other miniature plastic figurines that were certainly more expensive than 25 cents. I used to look forward to grocery trips just for one little frog. My cousins had their own collection of frogs, live ones, which had short lifespans and interesting names, Sushi being one of them. And when I was older frogs became more associated with calisthenics and one dare in a game we played during girl’s night where you hopped like a frog for a minute. Never thought frogs would make me think of burning thighs and tender knees. And the last that comes to mind in this whirlwind of amphibians is some of my family’s best friends’ fear of frogs. An entire family shares this phobia, to varying degrees, of these wonderful slippery creatures. So how do we help? By designing cakes with frogs on them and gifting frog gummies of course!

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