My Electronics Time Travel

My electronics time travel. They revert their clock eleven years and 30 days from when I’m hoping they are telling me I’m not late for class. They slip sideways and backwards into years where the technology to make them didn’t exist. My cell phone manufactured in 2010 sent a text message from January 6, 1980 while I was under the impression that I was in 2012, in the middle of summer! It’s still there, the undeleted proof that my cell phone found some hole in the fabric of time and decided to do something that wasn’t even invented yet. And the same goes with my laptop manufactured in approximately the same year as that phone. It has this strange glitch that very day or every other week the clock resets to either December 31, 2001 or January 1, 2002. It apparently wants to relive that New Years over and over again. That New Years I think the only laptop I’d seen was the one that belonged to my dad, they were far from ubiquitous then and far from being the powerful, small thing my laptop is. But some part if its wiring that may have been alive at the junction of 2001 and 2002 keeps wanting to return there for that long ago party, that missed computer kiss. It’s easy to connect it to wireless and bring it forward in time but if I don’t notice it right away I can’t access all the sites whose security codes were established after 2002. Yes, the Internet will believe that it is whatever year my computer believes it to be, even though it is the Internet that must tell it otherwise. I know it’s all random glitches in electronics but when my Facebook timeline went from 2010 to 2012 to 2011 to now I began to wonder if perhaps I have time traveled (I also had to count from 10 to 13 to make sure that 11 was supposed to be between 10 and 12, not 12 and 13). Although these signs could be pointing me to that answer, I know it’s just the hopeless wishes of a girl whose electronic faithfully letting her type this in the correct time is dressed up like a TARDIS.


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