Dog Day

Bed creaks two legs off bed. Eyes open light not dark means awake not sleep. Wag tail leap off whine at stairs nip at hand wiggle down stairs whine at door. Outside! Relieve self. Inside get bowl filled with mouth stuff that crunches. Outside running white crusty soft stuff. Smell passing friends big brother barks toward them. Inside chase ball watch two legs bounce it with free legs. Try to catch mouth stop with paw chew until drop. Big brother takes tears off outside. Take bone lick inside out. See two legs with shiny second skin on. Dance at feet. Whine to take with outside yard no stinging neck. Attached to bundled two legs pull to door. Outside quick to run to black hard ground claws clip clip on. Run no trot slow two legs. Four legs fast. Sniff yellow snow relieve self sniff for scamper-things other dogs. See other dogs cannot meet. Whimper then run happy. House enter inside. Soft crunchy nutty stuff on metal thing reward called peanut butter. Lick it all look eyes wide bottom down for more. Skip off. Lay down next to big brother sleep. Stay awake back to warm back hear snores watch two legses. Play with bouncy thing thrown down hard brown shiny slippery ground. Big brother grumbles stands to door. Outside. Magic hole in cold crusty soft white stuff gives hard roundish thing to bite not bounce. Thing is salty nutty not hard as bone or tasty as stuff inside it. Pounce on it before the scamper-things take it. Eat some. Come back. Nothing new. Hole in crusty white stuff with black speckles the winged things peck. Will check later. Must run jump bound pounce. Sniff for tiny smells under cold ground. Hide under big wooden thing. Nip at ankles of big brother. Inside outside inside outside. Run run roll. Inside. Lifted up but head down see floor see high. Feelings rush to head. Happy. Again. Woosh. Again. Too much skip away. Keep eyes wide to see all see them coming see escape. Lay down head up watch. Must see even when sleep sleep… no…. Stay awake to hear voices. Must not sleep just in case… in case… they leave have food want to play want to wrap arms around me. Lay head down. Close eyes and wait for noises. Door opens. Run. Outside. Run. Nip at ankles until big brother growls back. Bite turn bite turn dodge crawl under belly on belly. Nip tail eat ankles. Growl growl. Lay down paw at head give up to sniff cold crusty soft white stuff find spot to relieve self. Run. Check magic hole. Feathery float fast away. No treat. See big brother trot to front. Follow. Slow come to front slink. Run inside. Sit for dish don’t drool he drools not me. Wait wait until happy noise from two legs. Eat slow big bites food big brother gobbles does not take my food. Outside. Inside. Outside. Run. Inside. Wander floors sniff soft ground look at two legs for food for run for wait. Lifted up see ceiling see bug brother below don’t struggle. Two legs go upstairs. Follow. Leap onto bed crawl to two legs pats on head scratch between eyes. See big brother. Take end of bed spot. Look he whimpers whines. Lay head down look around wonder why. Two legs nudges leg. Crawl to feet curl up. Big brother scratches bed. Happy sound given jumps on bed makes bed bounce. Eyes wide lights out close. Open. Turn back touch big brother hear snores. One two three. Close eyes. Sleep.

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This work by Sarah Holmes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licensem

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One thought on “Dog Day

  1. Reblogged this on fionahaines12 and commented:
    I would love to own a dog – but sadly its not possible at the moment…this piece made me want to race up to the dogs home and sign up for a four legged friend straight away! If in the next world I get a chance to come back as a dog then I want to be like the one in this post!

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