Autumn’s Rain and Breaking Free from Sweatpants

Autumn’s Rain

Woken in the morning by wind chimes then a gust of wind itself
It’s a mild storm but it’s a chilly day and the rain is intermittent
Everything is damp with a sense of ice on the fringes of droplets
on wood decks, covered grills, rooftop shingles, and car windows
Shallow rivers run between footpaths, down blacktop driveways
Puddles coalesce for boots to jump in and wheels to splash through
Wind splatters Jackson Pollock-esque images across windshields
And even a good raincoat can’t keep wet spots off sweaters.
First of a month part Indian Summer, part early birth of winter
when the lawn is frosted in the morning, crystalline dew by midday,
dried by the warm afternoon sun, and dusted with evening flurries
Sweaters and sweatshirts mark the bookends of the daylight hours
where shorts or coats, galoshes or sandals might do half or all day
Closets are in slow rotations and deck furniture sits in limbo:
to use or not to use? depends mainly on wind chill or sun intensity
Today they will be bathed in autumn baptism while owners sit inside
turning on the fireplace for the first time since early spring
Lighting candles that waft cinnamon-pumpkin-pine, warming scents
with dogs curled up over toes or fleece blankets entwined with limbs
holding mugs of cocoa-tea-coffee and listening to the rainy winds.

Breaking Free from Sweatpants

I spend three quarters of my day in sweatpants and t-shirts,
sometimes the whole 24-hours plus the next day
if I don’t have plans to leave the house (that aren’t going to the gym).
I have an extensive wardrobe that goes largely untouched
because why dress up when my pets are the only ones who see me?
Sweats are just so much more comfortable although…

…I’m starting to believe they contribute to my laziness.
Simply pulling on jeans that gets the creative juices flowing
or putting on a bit of makeup and even just a real bra
gets my brain to remember that I might not be a student anymore
(or even employed) but that I can still be productive.
I can say right now I am fully dressed, made-up, boots on
and I’ve written more words than I did in four hours this morning
when I had those oh-so-soft sweatpants on and my favorite t-shirt.
Sure they might not be very expressive (I’m really just typing thoughts)
But I read a quick blog post that reminded me: who gets talker’s block?
(as my family and friends surely know, I don’t) so what’s with writer’s block?

So I took off the sweatpants, pulled on clean clothes, washed my face,
picked up my fingers, dropped them back down, messed around with where
and created some words from the letters and phrases from words
I may start spending more of my day in jeans, or at least a little lipgloss.

Creative Commons License
This work by Sarah Holmes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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