Dry Spell

Seasons crumple, fall through slits of fingers
Cover earthworm needles littered on the ground
Wrinkled corpses of a losing fight, under heavy skies,
Lie strewn and abandoned on cracked sidewalks
Of brackish puddles or skeleton-dry concrete

Sun sits on brow, sucking moisture from the ground
Improvised strands of hair soak in rays from sky
Tangled brown leaves, dried berries shake onto sidewalk
Hands think of green trees and juicy berries, hold concrete
Pieces of chalk, cracking or worn down to stubs, between fingers

Draws what a flower once looked like smiling at the sky
Between other improvisations on the sidewalk
One hand with bitten nails grips the hot concrete
Electric, geometric bluebirds fly from other fingers
Minty green forests, purple rivers flow on the rough ground

Thin checkered sleeves wipe stagnant sweat from the sidewalk
Cracked soles chip away wormy corpses stuck to concrete
Dusty colors sink into cracks in skin, heavy on fingers
Swing sets time behind her, wood beams creaking in dry ground
Intervals moved along by sluggish breezes released from sky

Hand arches in curves over cracks between block of concrete
Surround flowers, birds, and trees that slipped from fingers
Inching down the dry portrait toward the dirty, dusty ground
Draws big blue droplets, small wishes to the sky;
Wash away and bring to life the images on the sidewalk

written in 2009 for Poetry Workshop

Creative Commons License
This work by Sarah Holmes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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