The Beginning

Starting a blog devoted to my writing so that I might have other’s influence to keep me motivated/inspired/guilted into writing daily.
To get myself started I am going to by typing any old bits of writing I have in my room. This way I can recycle paper, clear out space in my room, organize my writings all in one place, and have my work all online for others to read instead of hidden away in boxes or a random word document. I may change the originally scraps or journal entries, especially if I find them to not be as good as I find my writing now (I would hope graduating with a BA in English would mean I’ve improved over the last 4 years) or if I find I actually wanted to more with a line or make a poem.
After I get through things that are already written I will hopefully be inspired enough to write new things or expand on old posts. I believe if I write daily anything might happen. Some motivation from others through comments on what they liked and what they didn’t like may help guide me toward better writing. So I guess my other step is to find other writers in the blogosphere or hope they find me!
I will post my first actual writing piece after dinner since I am low on fuel and do not think well without food in my belly.

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